LA Noir – Another HDR Video Frame

This is a frame of video I shot in my loft with the Canon T2i/550d and is another one of my HDR video tests:

LA Noir (HDR Video Frame)

I filmed this at native ISO 1250 using Magic Lantern and the new Technicolor Cinestyle picture profile, tone-mapped it in Photomatix, then de-noised and graded the image in After Effects.

Again, I wanted to push the limit of acceptable lighting conditions–it was pretty dim in my place when I filmed this, and the T2i’s image held up pretty well. (My only wish for my next camera is to have better resolution!) I also hope this image evokes the feeling of an old noir detective film. Enjoy! 😀

Canon T2i/550d
Old Vivitar manual lens
24p; 1080p; 1/48; ISO 1250
HDR tone-mapping in Photomatix
HDR created from three exposures +/-2
Finishing in Adobe After Effects with Magic Bullet Denoiser and Magic Bullet Looks

    • Jordan
    • June 2nd, 2011

    I would really like to see you’re workflow. I have a canon 5d mark 2 and would really like to take my video editing to the next level. you’re video looks gorgeous and i would love to know when the next one is coming out.

  1. Thats looks awesome Stephen!
    I am currently developping / experimenting with different styles for a music video concept. And I am wondering how you tone-map video? What is your workflow?

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